JSG / The Joint Sector Group / Mandate


The JSG’s tasks and mandates are

  • to provide Joint Sector expertise on technical freight wagon safety/maintenance and procedural issues
  • to define and occasionally roll out common Sector principles for a unified proceeding towards European and National Authorities or Institutions for important, generally relevant issues (as ECM intermediate solution a.s.o.)
  • to prepare (in parallel to each activity) and to trigger the implementation of the technical and other results in European Standards (EN), in private Sector agreements as GCU a.s.o.
  • to strive, together with the represented associations, for an agreement of the results with the EC, the ERA and the NSAs
  • to publish these results on this website

The mandate of the JSG can be extended to each other upcoming issue, depending on the agreement of the represented associations,

  • for mirroring ERA working activities in a joint way (as the Viareggio Task Force) or
  • for defining harmonised Joint Sector solutions on behalf of the Sector itself (as a means of Sector self-regulation)